FULL BODY MASSAGE :: 50min | 70€
Re-energizing, Soothing, Jet Lag, Immune Booster, based on the principles of Aromatherapy, in the oriental techniques and stretching movements. Exclusive use of organic essential oils.
Full body giving primacy to superior & inferior limbs as well as feet, with the organic essential oils of Rosemary [circulation stimulation] and French Lavender [muscular relief].
FOOT MASSAGE :: 30min | 40€
Foot massage or Reflexology consists of pressing specific zones of the feet, stimulating different organs of the body, which they reflect. The foot massage reduces stress and leaves a feeling of total relaxation.

BACK MASSAGE :: 30min | 40€
Target massage for the back, neck and shoulders.

All massages include the use of the hamam [only for guests].